P.T.O Activities & Calendar

P.T.O Activities & Calendar


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The chair on the right is just one of the many projects that the Sandoval P.T.O. worked hard to provide for our district. The P.T.O. purchased a set of 24 chairs that find a home at the elementary school that are used at the home ballgames for our sports teams to sit in.

This is a great way to show team spirit and school pride!

Sandoval blackhawks Mats resizeThe P.T.O. bought sports mats foblackhawk mats HSr under the basketball goals for both the Jr/Sr High and Elementary schools. The mats not only provide protection for our players but also show school spirit and pride with our blackhawk mascot.

These mats are a new improvement for the gyms in our district schools. The mats also reflects into the shiny new gym floor at the Jr./Sr. high school.

Another project the Sandoval P.T.O. worked hard for is the Blackhawks’ Concession stand below. Now we have a convenient way to provide food and drinks at the baseball games. The concession stand along with the orange construction “Home Run” fence makes the field look more professional.

These district improvements confirm the kind of team players we have throughout our district whether it be students, staff, administrators or community.
Thank you to all the P.T.O. for making memories for our students!

BH concession standThanks Again PTO Home run fenceFor All You Do!

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