Special Education

Special Education

Cross-Categorical Class

The Cross-Categorical classes are part of the Kaskaskia Special Education Coop, there are classes in both district buildings. This class is comprised of students ranging in age from 6 to 18 years. The impairments served are Specific Learning Disability (I.Q. 70 and above), Educable Mentally Handicapped (I.Q. 55-69), Trainable Mentally Handicapped (I.Q. 54 and below), Behavior Disorders, and Socially Emotionally Disturbed. The categories of E.M.H., T.M.H., and M.R. are now grouped under the new title M.I., which stands for Mentally Impaired.

The class is designed to individualize the educational needs of each child. We start from wherever the student is and go forward from there. Self-help skills, readiness skills, reading, spelling, math, and writing are the primary goals taught in this class. electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Learning Disability Resource

Sandoval District School’s learning disabilities resource classes attempts to assist students who have academic deficits and who qualify for learning disabilities services. The students come to the L.D. class for a portion of each day and are given individualized instruction in those subjects for which they are eligible, typically reading, spelling, math, and written expression.

In order to be placed in the class a student must have been found, through observation, testing , and other means, to have a specific learning disability which negatively affects academic performance to a significant degree. Historically, a student would not be placed in the LD class if his/her learning problems were caused by mental retardation, behavioral or emotional problems, vision or hearing impairment, or educational or cultural deprivation, but this appears to be changing.

There is a widespread misconception that LD students are mentally impaired; in fact, the IQ of an LD student is at least average, and may be considerably higher. Unfortunately, the student has difficulty learning when taught by typical instructional methods, but it is required that appropriate educational accommodations, e.g., the use of calculatory devices, less written work, more oral assignments, etc., be used in the regular educational classroom in order to allow the student to remain in the regular educational program as much as possible.

Speech Therapy – Kaskaskia Special Education District

The Speech Classes at Sandoval District Schools consist of articulation therapy, language therapy, fluency therapy, and voice therapy. Speech is part of the Kaskaskia Special Education District. Every child is screened as a Kindergartener or new student. If the student fails the screening, the parent is notified and further testing is completed to determine if speech therapy services are needed. Speech classes are provided on an individual basis. Each student works on the goals appropriate for him or her.