Yearly Financial Information

Yearly Financial Information



2017-2018 Approved Budget


2015-2016 Approved Budget


Sandoval District Budget 2013-2014

Sandoval District Budget 2012-2013

Sandoval District Budget 2011-2012

Sandoval District Budget 2010-2011

Sandoval District Budget 2009-2010

Sandoval District Budget 2008-2009


Annual Statement of Affairs 2013

While there is no requirement to post on the district’s website, each district must submit its Statement of Affairs to ISBE for posting on ISBE’ website (105 ILcs 5/10-17).

Administrations’ Salary Compensation Report – 2012

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Administrations’ Salary Compensation Report – 2014

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Teachers – 2013-14 Yearly Salary Compensation Report

Para-Professionals – 2013-14 Yearly Salary Compensation Report

Sec. 10-20.46 – Salary compensation report: On or before October 1 of each year, each school district in this State, including special charter districts, shall post on its Internet website an itemized salary compensation.

Admin-Teacher-ParaProfessional 2014-2015 Yearly Salary Compensation Report



District Contracts Exceeding $25,000.00


2014-2015 OVER 25,000 CONTRACTS


Compliance with 105 ILCS 5/10-20.40
According to 105 ILCS 5/10-20.40(b) and (c), a school board must list on the district’s Internet web site, if any, all contracts over $25,000 and any contract that the school board enters into with an exclusive bargaining representative.

Board Members who have completed leadership training (105 ILCS 5/10-16a)

=   All Members

Number of students eligible and number of students that participated in Choice  (NCLB Sec 1116 34)

= NA or Zero

Number of students eligible and number of students that participated in Supplemental Educational Services (SES) (NCLB Sec 1116 34)

= 180 Eligible with only 11 who chose to recieve SES services.