Sandoval C.U.S.D. 501

Sandoval C.U.S.D. 501

Vision Statement

It is the mission of Sandoval C.U.S.D. 501 to provide educational opportunities focused on the future to meet the needs of all in a safe, nurturing environment so that all may reach their fullest potential.

District Administrators

Superintendent: Mr. Rob Miller – Superintendent’s Office: 618-247-3233

Grade School Principal: Annie Gray- Principal’s Office: 618-247-3450

Jr/Sr High School Principal: Megan Price – Asst. Principal’s Office: 618-247-3361

District Secretaries

District Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant: Cara Garner – 618-247-3233 ext. 312

Superintendent’s Office: 618-247-3233,  Fax: 618-247-3243

JH/SH Principal Secretary: Jennifer Towell 

HS Principal’s Office: 618-247-3361,  Fax: 618-216-5587

GS Principal Secretary: Missy Schlau

GS Principal’s Office: 618-247-3450,  Fax: 618-247-3161

District Technology

District Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator: Stephen Raisley – HS Office: 618-247-3361 ext. 332

Services & Organizations