Student Services

Student Services

Welcome to the Student Services Page! Here you can meet the counseling team, check out upcoming dates for college/recruiter visits, find helpful career resources, access test prep materials and so much more! Also, please don’t forget to check our scholarship page for available scholarships! Our offices are located in the main office and students can fill out slips to discuss academic/career goals, college questions, and social-emotional concerns.

Counseling Team

Mr. Brandon Placher-School Counselor

Ms. Christonia Saddler-School Social Worker

Dear Blackhawk Families,

Mr. Brandon Placher, School Counselor and Ms. Christonia Saddler, School Social Worker work with students regarding a variety of topics which include career guidance, academic support, and social-emotional support. Under career guidance, students can be assisted with deciding on a career path through college, trade school, military, or joining the workforce directly after high school. We can also assist students with filling out the FAFSA, college scholarships, and the interest inventory tool to determine career interests. Also, throughout the school year, various college and recruiter visits will be set up to talk to our students about their future plans.

Academic support is also provided to our students. This support may include interventions for missing grades, improving grades, improving attendance issues, checking graduation requirements and determining honor roll. Students and families are always welcome to check their status in any of these areas with Mr. Placher or Ms. Saddler.

Another service provided to our students is social-emotional support.  Conflict mediation, mental health support, bullying issues, and individual/family supports and outreach are all types of social-emotional support that can be provided by Mr. Placher and Ms. Saddler. We understand that these concerns can come up at any time and take many different forms so students and families are always welcome to discuss these with the counselors.

Students may speak with the counselors at any time, but it is preferred that students arrange meetings during Advisory time or before or after school. Meetings may also be scheduled at other times during the school day as allowed by the counselors or administrators discretion. Students can meet with the counselors individually and self-refer or be referred to the counselors by parents or teachers/administrators. The counselors may also organize small groups or classroom instruction for various topics to help support students.

We are all here to support you in every way that we can. It is our goal to reach every student and help them to reach their self-defined targets. We hope to hear from each of you and continue progressing through the school year as one Blackhawk family.

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Career Interest Tool

Click on the link through the image below. Then on the website, under “1. Discover your Holland Type” click “Get Started” to begin the the Career Interest Inventory.  Once the Career Interest Inventory is completed, look at steps “2. Find your Illinois Interest Path” and “3. Compare Majors” to explore different career fields.

Mental Health Concern Survey

Please click the picture to take the survey