Sandoval Pre-K & Early Childhood School

Sandoval Pre-K & Early Childhood School


Melanie Bolton Early Childhood/Pre-K Teacher
Dana Hiltidital Pre-K Teacher
Tracy Boeker Pre-K Teacher
Djuna Evans Pre-K Aide



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Pre-K Annex Building Established in July, 2008


To enroll your child in Pre-K he/she must be screened. The screening process uses a tool that focuses on the following developmental areas: social, fine motor, language, and gross motor. After assessing the developmental screening results and parent questionnaire, the information will be reviewed by the Pre-K staff to determine eligibility for the program. You will be contacted by the beginning of the school year. You may call 247-3450 if you have questions about enrollment. We offer a half day program which runs Monday through Friday. The morning class hours are 8:15-10:45 and the afternoon class hours are 12:15-2:45 (11:30-2:10 on Wednesdays). There is no fee to attend the program.

You will find us in the portable building on the south side of the elementary school. Pre-K, along with the Early Childhood class, is housed there. Our school calendar will coincide with the Sandoval Elementary School once we begin class. Your child’s teachers are Tracy Boeker, Melanie Bolton and Dana Hiltibital. We are excited to see our returning students and to get to know our new students and their families!

Pre-K Curriculum

Your child will be engaging in hands-on activities on a daily basis. They will be given the opportunity to “play” in different learning centers as well as taking part in group activities. They will be encouraged to visit the various learning centers such as blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play area, science, library, art/writing, math, sensory table and music. At these centers the children will question and observe what is going on around them while Ms. Dana and I serve as facilitators and move throughout the classroom joining in play and conducting small group activities. We offer a play-based curriculum. Although you may think your child is just playing, children at this age learn through their play!!


Our curriculum also extends to the whole family. Parent involvement is a key component to this program as our staff recognize parents as the primary educator of their children. First, we want your help in determining what’s best for your child’s growth and development. Second, we will offer several opportunities for parent involvement such as helping with homework each week, attending PTO meetings, field trips, home visits, volunteering, parental trainings and monthly parent/child activities offered throughout the year.